Fred & Barney

Fred and Barney joined us the week between Christmas and New Years of 2021. The Idaho Falls Animal Shelter called us about three piglets found in a wire crate, in the snow, with no food or water. One of the piglets didn’t survive the cold. Aska’s husband Will drove to Idaho Falls and picked up Fred and Barney. Now, they’re well-fed, they’re warming up to the other pigs on the farm, and they will have a long and happy life together.


Stewie arrived at Aska’s Animals back in 2018, before we were a non-profit. He lived in Aska’s house for over a year, but now we have a community of pig friends for him, he lives in the ‘frat house’ (that’s what we call the pig sanctuary) with all his buddies. Sometimes, he still wanders into the house and snuggles with Aska!


Ocho arrived in December of 2021, underweight and grumpy. After some nourishment and getting neutered, he started to socialize with our other resident pigs. Now, he’s a snuggle bug! We named him Ocho because he was our 8th pig!


Milosh was surrendered to us in April of 2022. His family reached out to us in November, but at that time, we didn’t have space. Milosh’s family loved him, but they were overwhelmed with family commitments and hadn’t yet had him neutered which caused some behavioral issues. They agreed to continue caring for him until we had space, resources, and warmer weather to take him in. Upon arrival, Milosh was fully vetted, neutered, manicured, and pedicured and we started to build a trusting relationship with him. Now, he’s a happy guy living on a farm where he can simply be a pig.


Chichi joined our farm January of 2021 after being surrendered to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter. When he first arrived, he lived in Aska’s house, sharing a room with her son. He quickly became best friends with Loki, Aska’s family dog. Chichi quickly became a favorite with volunteers!

Help Support Keeping Pigs in a Blanket!

Do you have some extra blankets, dog beds, or comforters (no down please unless you want to clean up the feathers)? Pigs love burrowing in blankets and even mattresses so they often need to be replaced. Although these items don’t last long, it is well worth the joy it brings them!