Doogie and Rupert

Aska and Will wanted to adopt two pigs and jokingly said maybe one day they could have a pig sanctuary. Doogie and Rupert were adopted from the Best Friends Animal Society. Aska and Will only intended to have two pigs, but you now know the rest of the story.


At 12 weeks Stewie found his way to Aska and Will. His first two homes were well experienced animal owners but their homes did not end up being the right fit for a pig.


At around 2 years old, Hamilton was found abandoned outside of Cokeville, very underweight and with signs of mistreatment. Friends of Aska’s took him in but after a month realized their home was not the right fit for a pig. He quickly adapted to his new life and it didn’t take him long to regain his weight and coat.

Walter (aka Wally)

Walter was surrendered at around 6 months? to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter due to being kept in a home within city limits. He showed up underweight and with barely any hair. Scroll through the pictures to see his before and after pictures.


Percy was found in Idaho Falls with a suspected broken leg and underweight. The Idaho Falls Animal Shelter contacted Aska. Victor Valley Vet examined him and confirmed no broken bones but that he had a serious bacterial infection that caused inflammation in the joints that is extremely painful. Aska and Will gave him a daily injection for 10 days. It took a few days for him to eat food and drink water, but after treatment he improved. He was neutered after fully recovering and has since been accepted into the group! He is gentle and we are grateful for his willingness to trust after his tough start at his new home.


Chancho was surrendered to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter due to being kept in a home within city limits.

Help Support Keeping Pigs in a Blanket!

Do you have some extra blankets, dog beds, or comforters (no down please unless you want to clean up the feathers)? Pigs love burrowing in blankets and even mattresses so they often need to be replaced. Although these items don’t last long, it is well worth the joy it brings them!