Volunteer & Foster / Puppy Shed


Volunteer & Foster / Puppy Shed

Volunteer & Foster

We are always looking for volunteers to socialize with our animal residents and help us keep our animal spaces clean and organized. Many of our long-term foster dogs benefit from meeting new people or spending time exploring trails or being out in the community. We anticipate additional volunteer opportunities once our community is protected from Covid-19 transmission. Please complete an application if you are interested.

Each year, Aska takes in kittens that need bottle feeding and fostering to get them ready for their happy home. If you are interested in fostering or volunteering to spend time socializing, please complete our application.

Puppy Shed

Did you know that puppies need to be quarantined for a few weeks before they are eligible for adoption? The Animal Adoption Center has received requests to be able to take in more puppies and need a safe and supportive place for them to quarantine. Luckily Aska’s farm has the space and the heart to welcome these puppies as they get ready for their future homes.

Are you in need of some puppy therapy? Puppies benefit from socializing, playing, and cuddling with a variety of people early on. Raising puppies is a full-time job that even Stewie volunteers to help with. If you are interested in helping out Aska’s Animals and Animal Adoption Center prepare puppies for their future homes, please complete a volunteer application.

Canine Behavior Support Systems

Through generous funding from donors, we are able to provide a service for those in need of training for their dog(s).  Priority for scheduling will be given to dogs at risk of being surrendered to a local animal shelter or having behavior issues that are related to the health and safety of the animal and people in the household.

Aska’s Animals works to support keeping pets in their homes through a variety of methods.  One of the primary reasons that animals are brought to shelters is for behavior problems.  We are working to address this issue while the dog is still in the home with a family to create a more harmonious existence at home.  Aska’s Animals only uses positive reinforcement methods and enlists the help of trainers who use behavioral science to guide their methods.  Please fill out this form and our trainer Krissi from JH Positive Training will be in touch with you shortly.

If you are able afford dog training services, please be in touch directly with the wonderful trainers at JH Positive Training.


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