Ramsey Schatz

Canine Behavior Specialist

Ramsey grew up in Oregon with an intense love for all animals. Starting at a young age she had an interest in training all kinds of animals from her cat to the neighbor’s dog and even her pet mice.

At 15 she got her first job at a doggie daycare and since then has never had a job not working directly with animals. While in Oregon she worked as a horse trainer for a small rescue. Then moved to Utah to work as a dog caregiver for Best Friends Animal Society. During her four years working at Best Friends, Ramsey worked with everything from older puppies, shy dogs and dogs with severe behavior challenges. Her passion for training grew and she attended the Karen Pryor training academy and became a certified training partner.

Wanting to do training full time, Ramsey jumped on the opportunity to work for Aska’s Animals. Between getting to work with dogs and puppies all day, living in the beautiful Teton Valley, and being able to give the pigs belly rubs, Aska’s was the perfect fit! Ramsey is excited to be a part of such an inspiring team.