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Why We Love Muzzles

Just like walking on a leash and crate training, teaching a dog to be comfortable wearing a muzzle is a good idea. Some people automatically think a dog is wearing […]

Raising Dogs and Kids Together

4 Best Practices: Supervision, Intervention, Management and Guidelines Dogs and kids can be a great combination, but it takes parental awareness, a certain dog personality and lots of supervision to […]

What Puppies Really Need To Learn

The 8 Most Important Things to Teach Your Puppy Puppy parents are eager to teach their new family member skills that will set everyone up for success long term, but […]

Reliable Recall

Reliable recall is essential to a trustworthy dog human relationship. If you plan to have your dog off leash outside of a fenced in yard or park, try this two-part […]

Bringing Home a New Rescue Dog or Cat

At Aska’s Animals, we provide a safe and calming environment where animals can relax and play while we work to find them their family. Once the animal’s new owner comes […]