Ariel Mann

Board Member

Ariel is a Teton County native who teaches yoga in Jackson. Growing up, she always thought she wanted to get out of this small town and live in a big city. After graduating from Colorado College with a B.A. in Psychology, traveling the world extensively, including living abroad in Spain, she realized that the place she grew up is pretty darn special and couldn’t imagine calling any other place home. So, in 2004, she returned home and hasn’t looked back.

Ariel has been a lover of, and advocate for, animals for as long as she can remember. The happiest day of her childhood was the day she got her first dog, Daisy, who was her loyal sidekick from age 5 until she was a sophomore in college. While living in Alta in elementary school, with support from her parents, she rescued local cats and ran an ad-hoc rescue out of her bedroom. Many cats showed up pregnant, so they would give birth in Ariel’s closet or under her bed. She would watch over and care for them until the kittens were old enough to find forever homes, at which time she would make signs and post them around Teton Valley, advertising the available kittens. Interested people would then come to her bedroom for meet and greets. With her parents generous support and transportation assistance, the mama cats would then get spayed, male cats would get neutered and any injured strays would also receive veterinary care. And so began her life-long commitment to animal welfare!

Today she lives in Jackson with her husband, Richard, their two dogs, Kelly and Oatsie, as well as a constant stream of foster dogs from the Animal Adoption Center. Their rescue dog, Kelly, has benefitted immensely from her time spent with Aska. Ariel is a big supporter of, and believer in, everything related to Aska’s Animals Foundation!