Aska Langman

Founder & Board President

Aska has spent most of her life working with and caring for animals. While getting her B.S in Animal Science from The University of Vermont, she spent a year in South Africa working with a wildlife veterinarian caring for injured wildlife. After college, she moved to Victor, ID and traded in working with lions and elephants for cats and dogs. Aska has been involved with the local animal welfare groups and participates in the Animal Adoption Center’s Spay/Neuter program on the Wind River Reservation as well as trapping feral cats for PAWS of JH. In order to spend more time caring for all the rescue animals, Aska started her own dog boarding business, which allows her to stay at home with all the animals and with her son, Leo. Aska’s husband Will has accepted that his life now revolves around the animals and you can find him building and fixing anything and everything here at the farm.